Kiku's Dericious Popcorn is Like the national treasure of Japan. Created by accident about a week ago, the popcorn has gone from small to a huge franchise in just a few days.

History Edit

Sugar. Spice. And everything nice. These ingredients were chosen to create the perfect dish, but Professor Kiku accidentally added an extra ingredient to the concoction. CHEMICAL X. *BOOM* THUS THE POWERPUFF GIR- I mean Kiku's dericious popcorn was born!

Modernized Recipe Edit

Kiku himself has leaked a new modernized recipie online here it is.

"Werr first i rike to mix up the originar batter. you know sugar spice and everything nice. So once that is done, you sing to the mixture. My personar favorite to sing to them is wrecking barr by miley cyrus. and when you are done they wirr be popped."

T-Shirts Edit

They sell these T-shirts online

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