look this woman was all right we thought but then she did some jacked up things and now she's just gone we just don't know

Katherine would be a deadbeat mother who would decide to inject her children with some freaky shit (that will probably make them stop bitching) and then walk out of his or her life. What an ass. This sassy bastard probably knows where your fucking lost items are but wont tell you cuz they a bitsh.

HEr children get no family time because their other lazy ass father be spending his time in the german sex dungeon cause he can't handle real life.  HE ABADONED HIS FAMILY.

This is one swaggy mother Fucker

I hate you Mother Katherine you sassy motherfucker I will fucking beat you up I swear to fucking god - Children

Other Information Edit

Worst Mother of the Millenium

Character Information

Gender Potato shit
Age 32 and a half...DEADBEAT MOTHER
Height idk taller than her kids
Weight snoop lion kilograms

Father's fanfic Edit

Little did their kids know, but the dad wrote smut fan fiction in the dungeon. Here is one of his recent pieces

On July 22nd (2013), he wrote this fanfiction, and published it on the Skype chat. The Fanfiction was rather short, compact, and batshit crazy. Also, the ship was Yogi bear x Batman. (THIS FAN FICTION HAS BEEN CENSORED)

Fanfiction : [...] ""oh don't stop" moaned batman as yogi bear (BEEEEEEEEEEP)

"I still get my picnic basket, right?" asked Yogi, pulling (BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP)

"You get thousands of picnic baskets," batman said, patting yogi's haed

Such promises excited Yogi. Blood pumped to his loins at 200 millilliters per second. His bear (BEEEEEP) grew three times the regular size(10 inches). Yogi began practically swallowing (B EEEEEEE BEEEBEBBEBEBEBEBEPPPPPPEEEPP)

"Yogi," batman said. "keep this up for 10 more minutes and I will buy the park you live in for you"

Yogi roared a victorious roar, as (BEEEEEGRPPPEEEEEPPPPEEEEP)

 And so this went on for hours and hours

Batman had alfred bring in a picnic basket for every 10 minutes Yogi (REGDGGEGEGEGEF), and Yogi was given 10 minutes to eat his picnic basket


The Gotham City Park was renamed "Yogi-Bear  Park", after being bought by Batman

Yogi was annointed as park ranger, finally resolving his hunger problems

Yogi is now one of Batman's personal bootycallers, and in exchange, Yogi gets anything he wants

[05:21:15] Katherine's husband: The End

[05:21:23] Katherine's husband: Moral: Suck Dick, Get Things" [...]

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