Sparkles (not to be confused with whore or the meat dress that lady gaga wore once) is the protagonist of this story. His two friends, Shoop and Whoop came from Sparkaaayyyy, one of the towns in swwooshiland.

He is wildly obsessed with killing your boner, and so he joined the army of skan- middle school just to burst all da ovaries in da world, and by the looks of things, that shit will never happen

He loves it when people lick his ear.

He's got your soul.

His motto: Gotta burst em all (It wont happen tho.)

Wrecking Ball by Bitch Cyrus is his jam.


Height: 5 foot a bitch

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Weight: most likely lighter than this guy -------------------------------------------------------------->

Favorite Drink: The blood of his enemies

Sex: Multiple times, usually depends on which poor hoe he wants to deprive of walking privileges for a week.

Relationships Edit

Kai? Kaii? (however the fuck you spell his name) - His bitch.

Bitch Cyrus - Miley cares deeply for sparkles, and she loves him however, Sparkle's type are short fabulous guys such as Markos and ignores Miley except for when he drugs her and locks her in the basement but nobody told you that.

Edward Cullen - Sparkles's twin, Both sparkleeeyyysyss and fabbuu

Duyck - Sparkles is afraid of Duyck. Everyone is. Except the nose girl barbra striesand, she has nose-orgams when she saw him

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