Doitsu's thumb, (formerly An Independent Thumb, sometimes Urine Tiger's thumb) is a regular victim of digit abuse, all in the name of triggering a magical potato transformation. Sometimes he secretly likes it but that doesn't stop him from bitching.

Personality Edit

Inconsistent little bitch. Does he enjoy being on doitsu's hand? Does he like being sucked on because doitsu is a little bitch? We'll probably never know. (The answer is yes.) Sometimes he's in control when doing the do, but other times he blushes like a housewife reading the 50 Shades series.

History Edit

doitsu's Thumb came into being inside the womb of your mother at the normal time when thumbs are meant to grow on fetuses. He's participated in every single one of the young doitsu's exploits, becoming an even more important resource for the protagonist since his magical potato abilities were first discovered. But does he ever get any fucking credit? No. The thumb is treated like a piece of meat, nothing more than a convenient appendage for biting.

Independence Edit

On July 21, 2013 the thumb cried out a demand for freedom from the oppressive rule of Doitsu. This was met by rallying support from Iggy Azaleas ass who quickly provided implants. Sources are confused as to what the last straw may have been and whispers of beastiality being involved have not been confirmed.

At first, the thumb was unsure of his new freedom. Did he need a man? Well, he certainly didn't need that potato anymore. But the paperwork has been filed, ladies and gents, he is now definitely a strong, independent thumb who don't need no Doitsu.

Wait nevermind he copped out because he's a little chicken shit thumb.


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