Devin's hair is the stuff of legend. A single hair is sharp enough to slice a planet in half. it is said that Devin murdered the devil and killed its family with half a single lock of her hair. She took on God and walked away unscathed using only 3 hairs. Raidens sword, Gods revolver, the power rangers megazord, the omnitrix and even the source of power from which iggy azalea can grow her fucking humoungus ass all contain Devin's hair.


Sealed away by Lord Doitsu under the threat that using its full power would destroy the universe, Devin's hair was ritually implanted into Devin as a baby by a satanic cult who killed 400 people to get the hair. only Devin can wield its universe destroying power, and anyone who touches the hair other than Franky Grande and and Devin herself is erased from existence. All people fear the wrath of Devin's hair, which is said to have enough power to destroy worlds. its stock exchange value on the market would raise enough money to feed a third world universe for eternity. since time immemorial all manner of dark creatures have been after the power of Devin's hair. It could destroy chuck norris with a swish.


Katherine once lost an arm trying to get the hair and all 50 trillion of her plans have failed to this day. NUFF FUCKING SAID BITCHES!!!!

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